CVFSA Challenge Coins

The CVFSA is offering a limited number of Challenge Coins recognizing the Canadian Fallen Firefighter memorial weekend in September. This year’s coin contains ten distinctive maple leafs on the reverse side. One large maple leaf in the center represents the national family of firefighters in Canada. The larger leaf is surrounded by nine smaller maple leafs. Each of the smaller nine leafs contains the initials of an honouree Fallen Firefighter to be recognized on September 14th in Ottawa at the National Memorial Service. This year the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association will be the host agency for the 2014 Memorial Ceremony Weekend.

Our commitment to honour, remember, and support the efforts of the Canadian Fallen Firefighter Foundation is an important task we wish to continue. Your support in obtaining one of these coins helps us do our work and that of the Foundation. Coins are $20 each, there may be a postage charge for some regions.

Contact the CVFSA BC Director - Graham Pawlett, or 604-340-1415

The CVFSA and CFFF are looking for a BC firefighter (in full uniform) who will be attending the Ottawa memorial weekend, September 13/14 to be a flag carrier in the ceremony. Please advise if you are available for this honor.