New NFPA Alternative Fuel Vehicle Train-the-Trainer Workshops

In partnership with the Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Fire Chief’s Association of BC, the JIBC Fire & Safety Division will be offering Train-the-Trainer Workshops for the NFPA Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training. These workshops will be available at no cost to Fire Department and Road Rescue Society Training Officers, throughout BC.

The training provides the tools and information needed by firefighters and other emergency responders to safely handle emergency situations involving alternative fuel stations and their vehicles such as electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell.

This train-the-trainer course is available to Trainers throughout BC. The Fire & Safety Division will be scheduling free workshops throughout BC in the coming months. The first scheduled delivery of the Train-the-Trainer Workshop was at the BC Fire Training Officer’s Annual Conference in Kelowna on May 16, 2017.

The Fire & Safety Division is planning on scheduling workshops throughout BC so we are gauging interest for fire departments to host the Train the Trainer Workshops. To express your interest in this training, please send an email to with the subject line: “Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training Inquiry.”


Peter Grootendorst, MA, CFO, Fire Chief (Ret.) Director, Fire & Safety Division
Justice Institute of British Columbia 

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