BC Hydro Electrical Safety Awareness Training

BC Hydro provides electrical safety awareness training for trades workers, first responders, and members of the public who may have interaction with our facilities. The training is provided free of charge, and it is available both online and in person.


Learn the basics of how electricity behaves, how to keep yourself, your colleagues, and the public safe during an incident that involves electrical hazards, how to evaluate risks associated with working around electrical hazards and identify the decisions that need to be made when working around electrical hazards.

The program is one to two hours long (depending on audience) and includes a video, overhead projections, and a presentation delivered by knowledgeable presenters from the Electrical Energy Training Group. (EETG) .

Topics Include:

  • Overview of the electrical utility system
  • Voltage and its effects on the human body
  • Assessing electrical risks in emergency situations
  • Step and touch potential: keeping safe distances
  • Moving people out of energized areas
  • Downed power lines and re-energization risks
  • Underground hazards

For more information go to www.bchydro.com/safetytraining.