Ever consider being a living organ donor?

One of our Keremeos firefighters is suffering from kidney failure so I am reaching out to the community with an Ultimate Request for a Living Kidney Donor. I hope you will consider being tested to be a donor. I know this is a big request. If you can help, please do. If you know anyone who might, please forward this on. Forwarding this to your family, friends, workplace, school, congregation, or any other communities you belong to would be most gratefully appreciated.

If you would like help out and see if you’re a compatible match, please call the Vancouver General Hospital at 604-875-4111 ext 20516

You'll get a recorded message asking for the name of the recipient who is David Charles Waugh. Please also leave your name and call back number and the hospital will call you back within a couple days.

Visit https://www.kidney.ca/living-donation for more information

Thank you

Jordy Bosscha
Fire Chief
Keremeos & District Volunteer Fire Department